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Sunday, July 14th, 2024
to (Central Time)
Host is Laura Schaefer/ Little Sky Wildflowers, Millstadt, IL, 62260 Map

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 Laura Schaefer/ Little Sky Wildflowers

Our Garden Gathering will take place on July 14th at 6pm at the four-year-old garden of Laura Schaefer in Millstadt, Illinois. We plan to meet later in the day to avoid the heat; this gathering is in collaboration with our sister St Louis chapter AND native plants will be available for purchase.  

Laura obtained these 3.5 vacant lots (.5 acre) in 2019 and began establishing a mostly native plant garden with 2 vegetable beds in 2020 as her pandemic project. The garden consists of a border bed along 3 sides, 10 large native plant beds, a savanna garden, secret garden, seed starting beds and 2 frog ponds with only grassy paths separating each area. The garden consists of full sun, part sun, and full shade areas. 

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